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As a help for the definition this function can be selected from the menu entry Format/Functions (or with the right mouse button on the cell).

Value, Status or time of the archive entry can be read. The value, status and time of an archive entry can be read in. All entries of the time range of the log are shown in the log going downwards or rightwards from the cell in which the function was given, with the row format defined by the parameters P1-P3 (number, blank rows, blank columns).

On storing a change, the status Hand value is automatically tagged to the corresponding archive entry.

Saving of the changed values is possible via the Save control element or automatically on saving the report.


Archive variable

Archive variable number


value, status, time, count


"right" or "bottom"


Number of archive values in the first row


Empty cells between two value outputs


Empty cells until the next value row

On outputting the status information, the settings from the "project.INI" file in the [STATUS] section, or from the internally defined allocation, are used.