Automatic WEB client installation with CAB file

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With the automatic installation NO manual download and installation of the WEB client is necessary. In the same way the update to a newer version of the WEB client can be automated.

The installation of the WEB client is done with a CAB file. On the first openeing of the project entry page the CAB file is downloaded from the publishing service in the background and directly embeds into the Internet Explorer.
Depending on the speed of the connection to the WEB server it can last from some seconds up to several minutes, until the CAB file is loaded and embedded in the browser in the background. During this time, an empty browser window is displayed.

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This type of installation is only possible with the Internet Explorer! Limitation: Under Windows NT4.0 / Windows 95/98/ME this solution does not work.

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If the data of the Industrial Performance Analyzer should be exported on the WEB client with the XSL style sheets, the XSL style sheets first have to be transported to the WEB client computer by hand. This is only true for the automatic installation with a CAB file.

Deinstallation resp. check of the current WEB client version (installed with CAB file) can be done in the Internet Explorer in the menu Extras - Internet options on the page General in the area Temporary internet options - Settings - Show objects.