WEB Server (Pro) - Installation

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To install the WEB server (Pro) start the setup from the CD (Setup/WebServer_Setup.EXE) and follow the installation descriptions on the screen. After the successful setup you are asked to restart the PC. After the restart of the PC the WEB server (Pro) is ready for use.

The WEB client setups can be found in subdirectories of the WEB server installation path after the setup:
e.g.: C:/Programme/COPA-DATA/zenOnWebServer/zenOn/controlversions/Version620SP4/zenOn_WEB_Client_Setup_GERMAN.EXE or


The two examples (index*.html and init*.html) are also installed and can be found in the subdirectory zenon of the WEB server installation path;
e.g.: C:/Programme/zenOnWebServer/zenOn/index.htm or

In the DEMO mode the WEB Server can only be started by hand from the WEB Server console. Only in a licensed version the service is automatically started with the computer.