Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 2.00, 2.01

When you delete a page in CtDraw, Citect will try to delete all the associated files. This include the CTG file, CTL file, dBASE animation records and the RDB file. Under some conditions it may not be able to delete the RDB file. This can occur because these RDB files may exist in another database directory. (This will occur when you include the deleted page in another project.) The RDB file will end up the other project so Citect will not delete it. 

To stop pages that you have deleted appearing in the PageMenu page or PageSelect form, you must delete the associated RDB file. For example if a page is called test, delete the file TEST.RDB in the directory where you compiled the project.

The RDB files are generated when you compile your database, so it may be easer to delete all the RDB files and recompile your database. (You should do a full compile, ie in the CtEdit File|Options Dialog, uncheck the Incremental Compile box.) As the compiler generates the RDB files it is safe to delete all RDB files with the file manager and recompile. We recommend you do this after completion of major edits of your database to clean out any old pages. Don't delete the RDB files if this database is being used by other Citect computers on a Network because they will not be able to display any pages until you complete the recompile.