Question: I would like to use CtBackup to backup and restore data other than my Citect Database (referred to as a Project in later versions). How can I do this? 

CtBackup does have some command line arguments which will allow you to backup and restore to your requirements. First you must browse to the BIN directory of the Citect installation in the command line. Then use the arguments as follows:

Ctback32.exe <ctz to restore> -r<path to restore to> <arguments>

-d<name> database name
-m<ext> include extension
-x<ext> exclude extension
-e encrypt with password
-p<password> encrypt/decrypt password
-s[+/-] recurse subdirectories
-f<level> format level, 0 only format if required, 2 always format disk. [obsolete since version 3.xx, 4.xx]
-u[+/-] save compiled, use -u- to save compiled
-g[+/-] show configure dialog
-c[+/-] compress files
-b<path> path to backup from
-r<path> path to restore to
-i<filename> ini file name
-f1 use old file format (truncates long filenames to 8.3) ** new for v5.10 **
-a run in auto mode (note: all input must be in command line or INI file)

The path where the data is backed up to is set by the [BACKUP] DrivePath parameter in the CITECT.INI file.

For example to backup (in version 3) c:\data:use the following command:

CTBACKUP -g- -bc:\data

To restore the above data use (in version 5):

CTBACK32 -g -rc:\data

V7 Example, restoring a new project:

Ctback32.exe C:\project.ctz -rC:\Citect\User\Project\ -a -dProject

To backup a Citect database, eg backup demo use:

CTBACK32 -dDEMO -b -u- -c+ -d-

Ctbackup also uses the following options in the CITECT.INI file:


Database= ! database to backup or restore
BackupPath= ! file to backup to, for example c:\temp\example.ctz ** new for v5.10 **
DrivePath= ! path to backup to or restore from. [obsolete as of v5.10, use BackupPath instead]
FilePath= ! file path, used in not a database
BackupFile= ! file name on backup disk, default CTBACKUP. [obsolete as of v5.10, use BackupPath instead]
Password= ! encryption password
Drive=0/1/2 ! 0=other, 1=A, 2=B
DiskSize=0/1 ! low density=0, high density=1
Encrypt=0/1 ! encrypt backup
FormatLevel= ! format level. [obsolete since version 3.xx, 4.xx]
Configure=0/1 ! display configure dialog
Compress=0/1 ! compress backup
Overwrite=0/1 ! overwrite
SaveCompiled=0/1 ! save compiled
Recurse=0/1 ! recurse sub directories
DeleteAll=0/1 ! delete all before restore
TechSupport=0/1 ! backup tech support data
Operation=0/1 ! 0=backup, 1=restore
Include= ! include list
Exclude= ! exclude list, default DBK,_CI
CompiledFiles= ! compiled files, default RDB
FileFormat=0/1 ! 1= use old format (truncates long filenames to 8.3) ** new for v5.10 **

Note: Be very careful when configuring CtBackup to restore files as it will first delete all files in the required directory and all subdirectories before restoring. If you accidentally set your restore path to the root directory CtBackup will delete your entire disk drive. 

Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 1.00, 1.01, 1.10, 1.11, 2.00, 2.01, 3.xx, 4.xx, 5.xx