Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 2.00

When you startup CtDraw, it restores the position of the Toolbar to where you left it the last time you were running CtDraw. If you have changed the screen resolution, eg from XGA to VGA the Toolbar may be off the end of the screen. As it is off the screen you cannot move it or select any of the tools. 

The position of the tool bar as well as other state information is stored the file CTDRAW.INI in the WINDOWS directory. To restore the Toolbar to its default position, shutdown CtDraw and then delete this file. The next time you startup CtDraw it will recreate this file using all the default settings. CtDraw Version 2.01 will check if the tool bar is inside the screen coordinates and will move it to the default position if it is outside.