Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 1.20, 2.01

On startup, Citect will check if there is enough physical memory available. If there is not enough memory, Citect will display the error message 'Citect low on Physical memory'. See Q1034 for description of physical memory. While Citect is running, it will also check for low physical memory and generate the hardware alarm 'low physical memory' if memory is low.

The check for low physical memory is controlled by the parameter [MEMORY] MinPhyK. This parameter sets the minimum physical memory before Citect will generate the error messages and hardware alarms. It defaults to 300. You can disable the error message by setting it to 0. 

If you get this error you should increase available physical memory (not virtual memory). Reduce the size of SMARTDRV cache, other windows programs running, or add more RAM to your computer. You can disable the message by setting the parameter to 0. eg:


See Also Q1034