Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 1.20, 2.01

If you are upgrading an existing Citect project (pre version 1.2 or 2.00) to versions 1.2 or 2.01, and are using Citect forms (eg FormPrompt(), FormCheckBox() etc.) you may notice that some text strings on the screen are truncated, or that they extend so far they blank out other fields.  

In versions 1.20 and 2.01 the forms take into account the variable width of proportional fonts. This will remove the current practice of padding with numerous spaces. If your forms where correct in the previous versions, you may disable this feature with the following parameter: [animator]FormFontWidth=1.

If you are using Versions 1.20 or 2.01 or greater, and your text is still being truncated, you may need to pad the text with extra spaces. Under some conditions, the form functions will not get the exact text size. This will depend on (1) the particular font set you are using, (2) the size of the font in the form (Mode in FormNew()), (3) the driver you use for your monitor, and (4) whether or not you have large or small fonts selected for that driver. If the text is truncated, you may need to pad with a space (maybe two, but no more). If the text is too long, then you may need to leave a greater amount of space between the fields on the form - so they don't get overwritten by each other.