Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA
  • CitectHMI

The following is a brief history of Citect for Windows. Citect for Windows followed on from the development of Citect for DOS. Citect was first developed to upgrade the control system for Argyle Diamond Mines (Western Australia) in 1992. This installation is a fully redundant system with multi I/O Servers processing over 30,000 points. This system was commissioned in early 1992. The first version was released to the general public on 9th July 1992.

Version Date Features
1.00 9/7/92 First release of Citect for Windows. Supporting True Client/Server Architecture, Fast and powerful multitasking language 'Cicode', Over 400 built in Cicode functions. Bitmap graphics. Multi PLC protocol support. High speed PLC communications. dBase III file support.
1.01 14/7/92 Cicode clipboard support, windows profile files, various minor changes.

The following Cicode functions were added: GetPriv, GetEnv, WndPutFileProfile, WndGetFileProfile, ClipCopy, ClipPaste, ClipWriteLn, ClipReadLn, DevControl, UserInfo, UnitInfo, UnitControl, AlarmClear. LogoutIdle
1.10 17/12/92 SQL device support added. SQL Cicode support.

The following Cicode functions were added: SQLConnect, SQLDisconnect, SQLExec, SQLNext, SQLGetField, SQLNoFields, SQLFieldInfo, SQLBeginTran, SQLCommit, SQLRollBack, SQLNumChange, SQLTraceOn, SQLTraceOff, SQLErrMsg, SQLInfo.
1.11 27/01/93 High resolutions trend printouts. SPC Trends, Multimedia support, Windows help support, communication port functions, serial keyboard support, High resolution alarms, Improved online help.

The following Cicode functions were added: GraphOpen, GraphLine, GraphBox, GraphBox, GraphGrid, GraphText, GraphClose, GraphGetInfo, GraphScaleMarker, GraphMarker, TrnGraph, TrnGetDefScale, Exec, TrnGetPenNo, AlarmSumLast, AlarmSumPrev, StrGetChar, StrSetChar, ComOpen, ComClose, ComRead, ComWrite, ComReset, SerialKey, SPCSetLimit, DspPlaySound, DspMCI, WndHelp, DspChart, DspMarkerNew, DspMarkerMove, AlarmSaveType, FileExist, FileGetTime, FileSetTime, PageGetInt, PageSetInt, ServerControl.
1.20 28/04/94 This version includes all the enhancements of Version 2.00 except for the Drawing editor and the object based graphics. It includes all new Cicode functions, combo boxes in Ctedit as well as the new help system. This version was released to give enhancements to users who want to stay with version 1.xx.

The following Cicode functions were added: MailLogon, MailLogoff, MailSend, MailRead, MailError, AlarmSetPriority, AlarmSetPriorityRec, FormRadioButton, FormCheckBox, FormGroupBox, FormListBox, FormComboBox, FormAddList, SQLSet, SQLAppend, WinGetFocus, QuePeek, HexToStr, StrToHex, PathToStr, KerCmd, TimeSet, TimeToFmtStr, FileFind, FileSplitPath, FileMakePath
2.00 3/09/93 This version includes object based drawing editor and associated enhancements. CtEdit drop down combo box support, as well as the new Online Help system. CtEdit as new Edit menu to allow Cut/Copy/Past of fields or records as well as Pasting of Functions and Tags. Also the Cicode find function command. Automatic generation of the menu page.
An upgrade to the database is required when updating to this version.

The following Cicode functions were added: MailLogon, MailLogoff, MilSend, MailRead, MailError, AlarmSetPriority, AlarmSetPriorityRec, FormRadioButton, FormCheckBox, FormGroupBox, FormListBox, FormComboBox, FormAddList, SQLSet, SQLAppend, WinGetFocus, QuePeek, HexToStr, StrToHex, PathToStr, KerCmd, TimeSet, TimeToFmtStr, FileFind, FileSplitPath, FileMakePath PageMenu, PageSelect, PagePopUp, UnitStats
2.01 23/03/94 Maintenance release for Version 2.00. The bitmap editor has been enhanced to support transparent colours. ED for Windows support. Report font support.

The following Cicode functions were added: AlarmSumFind, PrintFont, AlarmGetThresholdRec, AlarmGetThreshold, FilePrint.
2.10 31/03/95 This version includes minor enhancements on Version 2.01. Redundant LANs are now supported, you may have up to 4 adaptors. There is extra support for DDE with DDE servers and new low level DDE functions.

The following Cicode functions were added: DDEhInitiate, DDEhTerminate, DDEhRequest, DDEhPoke, DDEhExecute.
3.00 24/03/95 This version includes major enhancements over version 2.xx. These enhancements have greatly improved the ease of use and reduce configuration time when developing a project. An upgrade to the project is required when upgrading to this version, you may upgrade from any previous version of Citect for Windows. Genies and Super Genies and template styles. Multimedia online help, Communication Wizards. Online restart and incremental compile. 3D pipes, sliders, size and move, animated symbols. Events, accumulators and even based trends. Trend display page instancing, gridlines on trends, trend selection by tag. Rubber band selection of trends with zoom in and out. Tips in configuration and runtime. CtNode to setup nodes. Protocol errors to hardware errors. Proportional fonts in alarms. ToolBars and 3D look and feel in project editor, with fast open dialogs.
Trend export to DBF, CSV and clipboard. Number pad display. Redundant Disk I/O, blocked writes, dial modem strings, communication break. Advanced DDE with read and write to tags indirectly.
ODBC for database drivers. Transparent I/O devices. Scientific exponent number format. Cicode tracing.

The following Cicode functions were added: FormListAddText, FormListSelectText, ErrDrv, IntToReal, PlotOpen, PlotClose, PlotGrid, PlotLine, PlotXYLine, PlotDraw, PlotMarker, PlotText, PlotInfo, PlotScaleMarker, PlotSetMarker, PlotGetMarker, TrnSetEvent, DspGrayButton, DumpKernel, DspIsButtonGray, DspSetTip, DspGetTip, Ass, SendKeys, DspTimMode, DDEhGetLastError, TagRead, TagWrite, WndViewer, UserCreate, UserDelete, UserPassword, ProjectRestartSet, ProjectRestartGet, ProjectSet, ShutdownMode, AlarmSumCommit, AccControl, DevModify, DspRubStart, DspRubMove, DspRubEnd, DspRubSetClip, TrnGetEvent, TrnGetCursorEvent, TrnGetBufEvent, TrnEventGetTable, TrnEventSetTable, DspBmp, CodeTrace, TrnSetSpan, TrnGetSpan, clipSetMode, DspGetEnv, FormSaveAsFile, FormSelectPrinter, Switchconfig, TrnSelect, DspStatus, DspGetAnFromPoint, DspGetAnExten, ErrHelp, PageGetStr, PageSetStr, AssInf, AssChain, TrnInfo, DspGetSlider, DspSetSlider, DspSymAtSize, TagInfo, AreaCheck, TagScaleStr, AssScaleStr. TrnExportClip, TrnExportCSV, TrnExportDBF, Toggle, Pulse
3.10 8/09/95 This version includes minor enhancements to version 3.00. Improvements have been made to Super Genie Forms to allow the filtering of tags. A new dialog has been added to simplify the configuration of forms where symbols must be used.
New super genies and genies have been included into the standard library.
3.21 12/2/96 This version contained further minor improvements on V3.10. The comment field is expanded to 48 characters. The COMx protocol is improved so that it supports the format used in version 4, and the maximum baud rate is 115200. The ErrSet function is changed to be unique to each Cicode task, as opposed to global for earlier versions. The following Cicode functions are new: SleepMS, FileReadBlock and FileWriteBlock.
3.30 12/6/96 This version of Citect is primarily a maintenance release. New features are; tags that start with numbers, and improved NETBIOS debug trace. New modes are added to the CitectInfo and IODeviceControl functions.
3.40 27/9/96 This version of Citect contains major enhancements to the Statistical Process Control (SPC) support. This is a matching release with version 4.20 and it totally compatible with this version.

The following cicode functions have been added: SPCSubgroupSizeSet, SPCSubgroupSizeGet, TrnClientInfo, SPCClientInfo, SPCGetHistogramTable, SPCGetSubgroupTable, SPCProcessXRSSet, SPCProcessXRSGet, SPCSpecLimitSet, SPCSpecLimitGet, SPCAlarms, AlarmClearRec, DDEhWriteLn, DDEhReadLn, DDEhSetMode, DevOpenGrp.
4.00 4/10/95 This version of Citect supports the Windows NT and Windows 95 operating system. All components of Citect have been converted to 32bit applications and been integrated with the WIN32 API. The animation engine has been enhanced to take advantage of new services with these operating systems to privide high performance and flicker free animation.
This version is totally compatible with Citect version 3.x running under Windows for Workgroups. You can configure on either system and they communicate across the network. Most serial drivers are supported in this version, with many other drivers to be shipped with version 4.1
4.10 12/6/96 This version of Citect is primarily a maintenance release. New features are; tags that start with numbers, a new type of high resolution alarm, enhanced memory debugging, and improved NETBIOS debug trace. New modes are added to the CitectInfo and IODeviceControl functions.
Two new Wizards have been added to allow simple setup of the Computer and I/O device protocols.
The following cicode functions have been added: DspDelayRenderBegin, DspDelayRenderEnd
4.20 27/9/96 This version of Citect contains major enhancements to the Statistical Process Control (SPC) support. This version also allows for the globalisation of all strings in Citect for Foreign language support.

The following cicode functions have been added: SPCSubgroupSizeSet, SPCSubgroupSizeGet, TrnClientInfo, SPCClientInfo, SPCGetHistogramTable, SPCGetSubgroupTable, SPCProcessXRSSet, SPCProcessXRSGet, SPCSpecLimitSet, SPCSpecLimitGet, SPCAlarms, AlarmClearRec, DDEhWriteLn, DDEhReadLn, DDEhSetMode, DevOpenGrp.
5.00 5/6/97 This version of Citect supports the Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 95 operating system. This version includes major enhancements to the animated graphic configuration and display system. The display system is object based with comprehensive set of properties which can be animated by user friendly tab dialogs. There is now a fully integrated Cicode editor/debugger. The new Citect Explorer allows easy selection of projects. Enhanced colour support, including dither pasting of imported images. Rich Text Format Reports. Alarms now support priorities, logging can be controlled and analog thresholds are saved. The Cicode language has been expanded with the support of Select CASE statement, GLOBAL, MODULE and LOCAL Cicode variables, and PUBLIC and PRIVATE Cicode functions. The trend system has been expanded to support Millisecond Trending and Trend comparisons. Multi-Language Projects allow users to develop their projects in multi languages. The standard variable tags name has been widened to 32 characters. There is now support for Distributed Servers, ODBC Tag Server, Fuzzy Tech Interface and the Citect CTAPI.

The following Cicode functions are new: DspRichText, DspRichTextEdit, DspRichTextEnable, DspRichTextGetInfo, DspRichTextLoad, DspRichTextPgScroll, DspRichTextPrint, DspRichTextSave, DspRichTextScroll, PageRichTextFile, SPCClientTableGet, SetLanguage, StrToLocalText, ClusterSetName, ClusterGetName, DebugBreak, FuzzyOpen, FuzzyClose, FuzzySetShellValue, FuzzyGetShellValue, FuzzySetCodeValue, FuzzyGetCodeValue, FuzzyTrace, LanguageFileTranslate, EnterCriticalSection, LeaveCriticalSection
5.01 10/02/98 This version of Citect is primarily a maintenance release, but also includes several important features that didn't make 5.00: Number objects, improved Trend objects, object fill colour based on threshold, key sequence drop down lists, CTRL-double click functionality to view primitive objects, automatic re-read of PLC data, automatic updates of local project data, Category and Priority available as alarm properties, and long trend file name support.
The Multi-Language feature was improved with the addition of the LanguageFileTranslate function, and the [Language]CharSet and ClientTranslateFile parameters. The way Citect calculates point was modified to distinguish between static and dynamic points. The Express Communications Wizard was extended to cater for TCP/IP communications, and allow selection and creation of I/O Servers.
The Cicode Reference in the Online Help was expanded to include a recommended Cicode standard, and the following Cicode functions were added: DspDelayRenderBegin, DspDelayRenderAll, DspGetParentAn, EnterCriticalSection, FormListDeleteText, LeaveCriticalSection, TagDebug, TrnClientInfo, TrnSamplesConfigured, WinGetWndHnd.
5.10 18/06/98 This version of Citect included major enhancements to the animation and graphic systems. Pages are now resizable at runtime to allow running Citect on various screen resolutions. OPC (OLE for Process Control) is now supported as a server. The CTAPI interface has been enhanced. Z-order tools have been included in the graphic development environment. The Citect backup utility now uses PKZIP format and allows you to name the backup file.

New Cicode functions which have been added: DspAnGetPrivilege, DspAnGetArea

New CTAPI functions which have been added: ctCancelIO, ctFindClose, ctFindFirst, ctFindNext, ctFindPriv, ctFindScroll, ctGetProperty, ctListAdd, ctListData, ctListDelete, ctListFree, ctListNew, ctListRead, ctListWrite, ctPointBitShift, ctPointClose, ctPointCopy, ctPointDataSize, ctPointToStr, ctStrToPoint.
5.20 22/12/98 This version of Citect included major enhancements from the previous versions. Citect is Year 2000 Compliant after passing the British Standards Institution PD2000-1:1997 specification. Dial up or Remote I/O Devices are supported by the I/O Server. Internet Display Client allows Citect to be run over the Internet. A common tag database is supported by the Import/Export and Linking feature. The runtime animation systems now allows Active X Objects. The animation system supports dynamic group properites. The CTAPI interface has been enhanced to support reading alarm and trend data, it also supports remote connections via TCP/IP.

The following Cicode functions have been added: Assert, DebugMsg, DebugMsgSet, FtpFindFind, FtpOpen, FtpClose, FtpFileCopy, LineOpen, LineClose, LineMakeCall, LineAnswer, LineDrop, LineInfo, CTAPIPost, _CreateControlObject, _DspAnCreateControlObject, _ObjectCallMethod, _ObjectSetProperty, _ObjectGetProperty, ObjectAssoicateEvents, _ObjectAssoicatePropertyWithTag, CreateObject, ObjectByName, DspAnFree, TrnGetBufMSTime, AnByName, CitectColourToPackedRGB, PackedRGBToCitectColour.

The following CTAPI functions have been added: ctListEvent.
5.21 30/07/99 This version of Citect is primarily a maintenance release, with enhancements to the dial-up I/O, ActiveX and OPC tag Import features.
Now scheduled I/O Device communications will work with any I/O Device, not just dial-up IO Devices. There is also enhanced Dial Back support to allow any number of dial back modems. You may now associate ActiveX properties with Tags to make integration with ActiveX controls much easier. OPC Support for Tag Import/Export, to allow importation of tag list into the Citect variable tag database.

The following cicode functions have been added: ObjectAssociatePropertyWithTag
5.30 19/12/2000 This version includes major enhancements. The configuration of ActiveX support has been improved by allowing direct insertion of ActiveX controls in the Graphic Builder. The graphic builder now supported line/pipe/polyline node editing. Long file name support has been completed across the entire product. The Remote I/O Device communication has been improved to allow more control over the configuration of modems.
The IDC (Internet Display Client) now allows more than one client to run on the same computer. Minor features, include alarm filtering, Tooltip font, removal of the software protection option and support for Microsoft DTS (Data Transformation Services).

The following cicode functions have been added: PageFileInfo, FileFindClose, AlarmSetQuery, ExecuteDTSPkg, DspSetTooltipFont.
5.31 30/3/2001 This version includes a major re-code and enhancements to the Trend server. The trend server has been recoded to greatly improve the performance and reliability. There are also new display modes to view trends as well as supporting double floating point format for higher precision historical storage.

The following cicode functions have been added: TrnEventGetTableMS, TrnEventSetTableMS, TrnGetCursorMSTime, TrnGetDisplayMode, TrnGetGatedValue, TrnGetInvlaidValue, TrnGetMSTime, TrnIsValidValue, TrnSetDisplayMode, AlarmSumType. TaskSetSignal TaskGetSignal.
5.40 30/6/2001 This feature includes the following major enhancements:
Cicode Editor Enhancements, CitectVBA Programming Language, Multidrop Remote I/O Devices, Graphics Builder Automation, New ActiveX Object Properties tab, Generic Genies.

The following Cicode functions related to CitectVBA Programming Language have been added: VbCallOpen, VbExpressionOpen, VbCallRun, VbCallReturn, VbCicodeCallReturn

The following macro function has been added: IFDEF
5.41 12/01/2002 This feature includes the following major enhancements: Alarm Summary Page Sorting, Alarm Display Page Sorting by Key, Tag Browsing (for Importing Variable Tags), User Password Encryption and Password Expiry, and Support for Windows XP

The following cicode functions have been added or modified: TrnGetBufValue, TrnGetCursorValue and UserPasswordExpiryDays
5.42 18/02/2003 This version includes the following major changes and enhancements:
The company name of Ci Technologies has been changed to Citect. From this version, the software product "Citect" will be known as CitectHMI/SCADA. Various updates and corrections have been made to the Help. The ABLOGIX driver is now documented. A CrashHandler has been added to give users the opportunity to send to Citect information about a crash at the time it occurs. New Multi-Digital Alarms allow you to use combinations of values from three digital variables to trigger an alarm. Digital, Analog, and Advanced alarms can be configured with an alarm delay.

The following I/O Device drivers have been updated: SBUS, MODNET, KE, ABTCP, MEWTOCOM, PROSEC

The following Cicode function has been added: DspPopupMenu()
5.50 23/10/2003 This version includes the following major changes and enhancements:

New components: CitectSCADA Pocket, CitectSCADA Batch, CiRecipe ActiveX Control

The following macro functions have been added: IFDEFAnaAlm IFDEFDigAlm IFDEFAdvAlm

The MXCOMP driver is now documented in the help.

CSV_Include Project provides a set of pages and templates that can be used to create new projects based on the Windows XP style. This project adds the following features: new templates for admin tools and RTF file display; audible alarms; multi-monitor support; navigation toolbar; customizable dropdown menus; alarm groups; instant trends; trend groups; mouse-over support.

The following Cicode functions have been added: CSV_Alarms_Sound CSV_Alarms_SoundActive CSV_Alarms_CheckSound CSV_Alarms_Silence CSV_Alarms_Ack CSV_Alarms_AckHardware CSV_Alarms_AckRec CSV_Alarms_AckPage CSV_Alarms_Disable CSV_Alarms_DisableRec CSV_Alarms_Enable CSV_Alarms_EnableRec CSV_Alarms_Help CSV_Alarms_HelpRec CSV_Alarms_DspInfo CSV_Alarms_DspInfoRec CSV_Alarms_PopupMenu CSV_Alarms_GetAckPrivilege CSV_Alarms_GetDisablePrivilege CSV_Alarms_DspLast CSV_Alarms_GroupsInit CSV_Alarms_GroupAdd CSV_Alarms_GroupRemove CSV_Alarms_GroupEdit CSV_Alarms_GroupFilter CSV_Alarms_DspGroupFilter CSV_Alarms_GroupSelect CSV_Alarms_ClearGroupFilter CSV_Alarms_GetGroupFilter CSV_Alarms_GetGroupFilterLines CSV_Alarms_GetGroupFilterID CSV_Alarms_GetUniqueGroupName CSV_DB_Execute CSV_DB_GetExecuteError CSV_DB_StandbyConnectionActive CSV_DB_GetFieldCount CSV_DB_GetFieldName CSV_DB_GetFieldIndex CSV_DB_GetFieldText CSV_DB_GetRowFieldText CSV_DB_GetRowCount CSV_DB_GetRowCurrent CSV_DB_MoveFirst CSV_DB_MoveLast CSV_DB_MoveOffset CSV_DB_MoveNext CSV_DB_MovePrev CSV_DB_BOF CSV_DB_EOF CSV_DB_Close CSV_DB_StrToSQL CSV_Display_Logo CSV_Display_Version CSV_Display_ServicePack CSV_File_Display CSV_File_Print CSV_File_Save CSV_Form_Login CSV_Form_Shutdown CSV_Form_UserCreate CSV_Form_UserEdit CSV_Form_UserPassword CSV_Form_NumPad CSV_ListBox_Create CSV_ListBox_Destroy CSV_ListBox_AddItem CSV_ListBox_RemoveItem CSV_ListBox_Clear CSV_ListBox_SetText CSV_ListBox_Show CSV_ListBox_Hide CSV_ListBox_SelectCategories CSV_ListBox_GetItem CSV_ListBox_GetItemID CSV_ListBox_GetItemFromID CSV_ListBox_GetCategory CSV_ListBox_Visible CSV_ListBox_SelectTags CSV_ListBox_SelectTrends CSV_ListBox_TagFormat CSV_ListBox_GetTagName CSV_ListBox_GetTagComment CSV_ListBox_GetTagDescFromTag CSV_ListBox_GetTrendDescFromTag CSV_Math_RoundDown CSV_Math_Truncate CSV_MenuConfig_Display CSV_MessageBox CSV_Misc_MouseOver CSV_Misc_CheckNumPadValue CSV_Misc_IntRange CSV_MM_ConfigInit CSV_MM_PageDisplay CSV_MM_WinNewAt CSV_MM_StoreLastPage CSV_MM_PageLast CSV_MM_ListLastPages CSV_MM_PageNext CSV_MM_PagePrev CSV_MM_MonitorGoto CSV_MM_GetMonitor CSV_MM_GetOffset CSV_MM_GetScreenWidth CSV_MM_GetMonitors CSV_MM_WinDrag CSV_MM_WinDragEnd CSV_MM_WinFree CSV_MM_WinTitle CSV_MM_MonitorFromPoint CSV_MM_MonitorFromWindow CSV_MM_GetMouseX CSV_MM_GetMouseY CSV_MM_BackEmpty CSV_MM_FwdEmpty CSV_MM_NextEmpty CSV_MM_PreviousEmpty CSV_MM_WinNew CSV_MM_PageAlarm CSV_MM_PageSummary CSV_MM_PageHardware CSV_MM_PageDisabled CSV_MM_PageFile CSV_MM_PageGoto CSV_MM_PageSelect CSV_Nav_Parent CSV_Nav_ParentBtnEnabled CSV_Nav_Home CSV_Nav_Network CSV_Nav_NetworkBtnEnabled CSV_Nav_Trend CSV_Nav_TrendMenu CSV_Nav_TrendBtnEnabled CSV_Nav_TrendX CSV_Nav_Report CSV_Nav_ReportMenu CSV_Nav_ReportBtnEnabled CSV_Nav_File CSV_Nav_Notes CSV_Nav_NotesMenu CSV_Nav_NotesBtnEnabled CSV_Nav_Tools CSV_Nav_ToolsMenu CSV_Nav_ToolsBtnEnabled CSV_Nav_GetEngToolsPriv CSV_Nav_Login CSV_Nav_LoginMenu CSV_Nav_Help CSV_Nav_PagePrint CSV_Nav_Shutdown CSV_Nav_ShutdownBtnEnabled CSV_Nav_Alarms CSV_Nav_AlarmsHardware CSV_Nav_AlarmsSummary CSV_Nav_AlarmsDisabled CSV_Nav_DisableMenuItem CSV_Nav_TickMenuItem CSV_Nav_DisplayMenuBar CSV_Nav_DisplayPopupMenu CSV_Sec_ShowLoginMenu CSV_String_Replace CSV_String_GetLines CSV_Tag_Debug CSV_Trend_SetTimebase CSV_Trend_SetScale CSV_Trend_GetPen CSV_Trend_GetPenFocus CSV_Trend_GetCursorPos CSV_Trend_GetMode CSV_Trend_GetTime CSV_Trend_GetDate CSV_Trend_Exists CSV_Trend_AutoScale CSV_Trend_SetDateTime CSV_Trend_SetTime CSV_Trend_SetDate CSV_Trend_SetSpan CSV_Trend_ChangeTrendScaleAllPens CSV_Trend_ChangeTrendScaleCurrentPen CSV_Trend_ChangeTrendScaleCancel CSV_Trend_Time CSV_Trend_Cursor CSV_Trend_GetSpan CSV_Trend_AddPen CSV_Trend_DblClick CSV_Trend_RightClick CSV_Trend_SetPen CSV_Trend_SetPen_Delete CSV_Trend_SetDailySpan CSV_Trend_Trend_CommTrendRun CSV_Trend_SetTitle CSV_Trend_GetSettings CSV_Trend_SetSettings CSV_Trend_SetRange CSV_Trend_SetCursor CSV_Trend_Refresh CSV_Trend_Page CSV_Trend_Win CSV_Trend_DspTrendText CSV_Trend_DspScaleRange CSV_Trend_GetCursorValueStr CSV_Trend_GetCursorTypeStr CSV_Trend_UpdatePens CSV_Trend_CopyTrendDataSet CSV_Trend_Display CSV_Trend_Set CSV_Trend_Get CSV_Trend_DspList CSV_Trend_Select CSV_TrendX_InitSrvr CSV_TrendX_InitClient CSV_TrendX_MapTrendTags CSV_TrendX_GetVal CSV_TrendX_GetTrigger CSV_TrendX_Display CSV_TrendX_Close CSV_TrendX_TrendTimeout CSV_TrendX_AddVariable CSV_TrendX_ClearTrend CSV_TrendX_TagSelectFrmCursor CSV_TrendX_TagSelect CSV_TrendX_DeletePen CSV_TrendX_RefreshTrendPage CSV_TrendX_RightClick CSV_TrendX_SetPen CSV_TrendX_GetTrendName CSV_TrendX_GetComment CSV_TrendX_GetDuration CSV_TrendX_SetDuration CSV_TrendX_GetScale CSV_TrendX_SetScale CSV_TrendX_GetCursor CSV_TrendX_GetSamplePeriod CSV_TrendX_GetSamplePeriodFrmPen CSV_TrendX_SetSamplePeriod CSV_WinUtl_GetSystemDir CSV_WinUtl_GetWindowsDir CSV_WinUtl_LockWindowUpdate CSV_WinUtl_NormalCursor CSV_WinUtl_WaitCursor CSV_WinUtl_LoadCursor CSV_WinUtl_DestroyCursor DspGetMouseOver DspKeepWinPosition StrReplace StrWordCSV StrDateDsp
6.00 23/11/2004 New Features: Web Client, True Color Support, Process Analyst, Additional Symbols, Tag Validation, Display Event Trends by Time, Time Stamped Digital and Analog Alarms, Custom Alarm Filters, Long Variable and Trend Tag Names, Long Alarm Fields, Queue-based Backfill, Updated Help

The following Cicode functions have been added: CitectColourToPackedRGB PackedRGBToCitectColour OLEDateToTime TimeToOLEDate TimeUTCOffset
6.10 3/2/2006 New Features: Find and Replace, Compiler Warnings, Unused Tags Listing, Multi-CPU Support, Graphics Enhancements (XP-Style Buttons, Button Movement, Rounded Rectangles, Gradient Color & Direction), OPC Server DA2.0, Computer Setup Editor, Apache Tomcat Support for WebServer, DatabaseExchange Enhanced (formerly CiRecipe), Kernel Cicode Window Security, Enhanced Help

The following Cicode functions have been added: AlarmGetDsp AlarmQueryFirstRec AlarmQueryNextRec CSV_Alarms_AdvFilter CSV_Alarms_AdvFilterConfig CSV_Alarms_AdvFilterQuery CSV_Alarms_AdvFilterSetDateTime CSV_Alarms_DspGroupList CSV_Alarms_GroupConfig CSV_Alarms_ListHeading CSV_Alarms_ListHeadingFont CSV_Display_Title CSV_Form_Centre CSV_Form_Position CSV_ListBox_GetSelectedItem CSV_ListBox_GetSelectedItemCategory CSV_ListBox_GetSelectedItemID CSV_MenuConfig_Close CSV_MenuConfig_LoadDflt CSV_MenuConfig_UserPages CSV_MM_PagesInit CSV_MM_WinPopup CSV_Nav_CloseWindow CSV_Nav_HelpOnCSVInclude CSV_Nav_MenuBar_MenuClick CSV_Nav_PageExists CSV_String_GetField CSV_Trend_DspGroup CSV_Trend_DspGroupList CSV_Trend_DspPopupMenu CSV_Trend_GroupConfig CSV_Trend_Popup CSV_Trend_ScaleDigital CSV_Trend_SelectGroup CSV_Trend_SelectPen CSV_Trend_SetPens CSV_TrendX_AgeTrends CSV_TrendX_DspPopupMenu CSV_TrendX_GenericToTag CSV_TrendX_GenericToTagStr CSV_TrendX_TagToGeneric CSV_WinUtl_GetColourRes CSV_WinUtl_GetCpuUsage CSV_WinUtl_GetTotalCpuUsage CSV_WinUtl_GetWinMode CSV_WinUtl_ShellExec CSV_WinUtl_UpdateTotalCpuUsage DevOpenGrp DisplayRuntimeManager DLLCallEx FileFindClose FTPFileFindClose ServerInfoEx
7.00 6/8/2007 New Features: Migration Tool, Clustering, Local Variables, Publish Alarm Property, Memory Mode, Client-side Online Changes, Publisher-Subscriber Data Acquisition Model, Dual Network Support, Project-Based Network Configuration

The following Cicode functions have been added: AccControl AccumBrowseClose AccumBrowseFirst AccumBrowseGetField AccumBrowseNext AccumBrowseNumRecords AccumBrowseOpen AccumBrowsePrev AlarmDspLast AlmSummaryAck AlmSummaryClear AlmSummaryClose AlmSummaryCommit AlmSummaryDelete AlmSummaryDeleteAll AlmSummaryDisable AlmSummaryEnable AlmSummaryFirst AlmSummaryGetField AlmSummaryNext AlmSummaryOpen AlmSummaryPrev AlmSummarySetFieldValue AlmTagsAck AlmTagsClear AlmTagsDisable AlmTagsEnable AlmTagsFirst AlmTagsGetField AlmTagsNext AlmTagsNumRecords AlmTagsOpen AlmTagsPrev AssGetProperty AssGetScale AssInfoEx ClusterActivate ClusterDeactivate ClusterFirst ClusterIsActive ClusterNext ClusterServerTypes ClusterStatus ClusterSwapActive ProcessIsClient ProcessIsServer RepGetCluster ServiceGetList SubscriptionAddCallback SubscriptionGetAttribute SubscriptionRemoveCallback TagGetProperty TagGetScale TagInfoEx TagSubscribe TagUnsubscribe TagWriteEventQue TaskCluster TrnBrowseClose TrnBrowseFirst TrnBrowseGetField TrnBrowseNext TrnBrowseNumRecords TrnBrowseOpen TrnBrowsePrev TrnGetCluster TrnGetPenComment
7.10 19/11/2008 New Features: Security Enhancements, Windows Integrated Security for Runtime, Multi-Signature Support, Project DBF Add-in for Excel, Enhanced Driver Installation, New Font Selection for Graphics Button, Vista Support, Alarm Field Enhancements, Time Synchronization Service, Terminal Server Support, VMWare Support, Static Runtime Text is Scaled

New Cicode Functions: AlmSummaryLast FormSecurePassword KernelQueueLength KernelTableInfo KernelTableItemCount MultiSignatureForm MultiSignatureTagWrite ProcessRestart ServerRestart TagRDBReload UserLogin UserVerify VerifyPrivilegeForm VerifyPrivilegeTagWrite WinStyle