Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 1.20, 2.01

When you send a report to a dBase device, you may find that some of the fields will get skipped over, or that the data generally does not go in the correct field (or overflows the field). 

The field sizes should be specified in a format that prevents the data from overflowing to the next field. If the database fields are ten characters, then the report format might look as follows:


If you also have a Cicode block in the report, then the Cicode block should either begin directly after the format eg. {TAG1:10}{TAG2:10}{TAG3:10}{Cicode}

or end directly before the format eg. {End}{TAG1:10}{TAG2:10}{TAG3:10}

depending on whether the Cicode is before or after the format. If this procedure is not followed, then any characters outside of the braces ie. between } and { will be sent to the device and use one of the fields. (This includes spaces and end of line characters.)

There was also a bug in versions before 2.01 and 1.20 that caused incorrect output to dBase devices from a report. If you are using a version prior to these versions you should upgrade.

See also Q1142