Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 1.00 1.01 1.10 1.11 1.20 2.00 2.01

The following procedure sets up a Centrum Remote (3Com Access Server) on a LAN with Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and Novell Netware 3.11. 

Follow the Directions in the Manuals supplied with the Centrum Remote. (You should set up each port to allow ALL data through). This will support both IPX and NetBEUI so you can then use Novell and WFW 3.11. If your Modems have Data Compression (V42.bis or MNP 5) do not use the CCSP data compression on your port. It is more efficient to have the modems do the data compression.

Before connecting the modems on the complete remote system, get two PC's and attach the modems to them. Place the PCs side by side and try to get the modems to connect. (Use Windows Terminal.) You may have to change some of the default modem settings to get the fastest and most reliable connection. Ideally, you should set them up to use Data Compression, Error Correction and the fastest Baud Rate they can both support. When you are satisfied that you have both of these modems optimised, save the modem settings into the NVRAM on the modem. This is usually done by typing AT&W.

You can now Edit the Modems.Dat file (in your CREMOTE directory) to include an entry for your remote modem. The entry should be the same as the others, except for the Modem (ATZ). For example, if your modem is called My Remote Modem, use the following settings:

MultiTech 1432B "AT&FX4&C1&D2$BA0&E1&E4&E15#L0S0=1"
MultiTech 932B "AT&FX4&C1&D2$BA0&E1&E4&E15#L0S0=1"
MX-5/MX-6 Fax "AT&F1F0Q0V1R0X4&C1&D2&K3&Q9S0=1"
My Remote Modem "ATZ"
NEC I9635 "AT&F1&C1&D2\J0\N6%C1\Q3S0=1"
NullModem "AT"

You should also create a script file for your Modem (that will live on the Centrum Remote). This script file will also have only ATZ for the strings for both Normal operation and ARAP1.0.

The rest of the setup should be easy, but will vary for each installation.

See also Q1341 on how to setup the client side.