Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 2.00 2.01

Converting Citect for Windows Version 1.XX databases can be confusing, and there are many places where the conversion process will not work if certain things have not been done. 

Using the sequence below should minimise the problems with conversion.
  1. Backup the Citect version 1.2 database.
  2. Install Citect for Windows version 2.01.
  3. Restore the version 1.2 database and you will be notified that the database will be upgraded to version 2.01.
  4. Ensure the same display driver is used as was on version 1.2. (If you were using a Qvision Citect.dsp, use Qvision Windows Drivers.)
  5. Delete GLOBAL.CTL from the database directory.
  6. Exit CTEDIT and run CTDRAW. You will be notified that the drawings will be upgraded to version 2.01.

Traps for Young Players:

  1. If a GENERAL PROTECTION FAULT occurs while upgrading the drawings, then the wrong display driver is probably being used. Copy the correct display driver to CITECT.DSP and delete GLOBAL.CTL and try running CTDRAW again.
  2. If CTDRAW does not attempt to upgrade the drawings, then the GLOBAL.CTL has not been deleted. Delete it and try again.
  3. If CTDRAW runs out of resources when converting the drawings, pages will not be converted. To convert large databases, mark all pages but the first 20 as deleted in CTEDIT and try again (after deleting the GLOBAL.CTL file). When these have been converted, mark these pages as deleted, undelete the next 20 pages and delete the GLOBAL.CTL file. Repeat this until all pages have been converted. If CTDRAW is still running out of resources, try reducing the number of pages that you convert at one time.
  4. When CTEDIT is first run, all of the databases in MASTER.DBF should be upgraded to version 2.01.
  5. The VARIABLES.DBF file may have a field size wrong. If an error "Field size mismatch" occurs, change the "ENG_UNITS" field from 10 characters to 8 characters width.
  6. Citect version 2.01 is not backwards compatible with version 2.00.
  7. The Upgrade Program expects to find three Files Per Page , these files are *.BMP , *.AN and *.SYM.
    However if in CtEdit V1.0 you use the common Symbol File there is no *.SYM Created for that Page. Therefore V2.0 Upgrade can not find the file so it keeps the An but deletes any reference to the symbol. There are two ways to overcome this Problem as follows:-
  • Say you have a File Called Symbol and you have used this file as throughout your Database. Then rename the file to the pagname.SYM this will make sure that the three files are present for every Page before Upgrading.
  • Open the Old (V1.0) PgSym.DBF in Excel . For Every Symbol there will be a number E.g. 016. In the V2.0 you can point to any Library in the Database in the format of LibraryName:symbolname. So in Excel you need add the string "SYMBOL:SYM" to the symbol number e.g.SYMBOL:SYM016 this has to be done for every Page and every symbol . Then copy this PgSym.dbf into the already upgraded Version 2.XX directory.