Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 2.00 2.01

There are several problems with the QVision 2000. One of these shows up in CtDraw as black blobs in the icons on the tool bars, this problem is bit map related therefore it may also affect bit maps in your Citect screens.

Another problem which can be seen in CtDraw is the zoom window does not work correctly.

The following note is from Compaq and this will fix the bit map and tool bar problem.

Device bitmaps:

The QVision 2000 Drivers support a feature of Windows 3.1 that allows device bitmaps to be stored in the Video memory instead of main memory. Device bitmaps can increase the performance of the drivers if there is ample on-board memory. However when this feature is activated, Windows 3.1 is not 100% reliable and could cause some applications to crash. You can disable the device bitmaps feature by adding the following line in the MGA.DRV section of your SYSTEM.INI file.


The problem with the zoom window has no fix as yet. There is a new driver due from Compaq soon which will have some fixes in it, not sure for what exactly. V1.43 (current latest) does not fix the zoom problem.