Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 1.00 1.01 1.10 1.11 1.20 2.00 2.01

In you are using Novell Netware file server and CITECT is running of the network server with no redundant backup path you may get CITECT stations randomly display message "Can not display page [Page_Name]" and then crash to DOS prompt. This indicates that the network station lost connection to the file server. If you are using VLM when the connection to the file server is lost the computer will crash out to the DOS prompt. If you are using NETX and the connection to the file server is lost then the computer will just hang. VLM allows the network station to reconnect but re-login to the file server is needed. Both these problems are a limitation of the Novell Netware client software and Windows. 

You need to find out why the computer is loosing the connection to the file server. If this only happens on one particular station, the network hardware setup should be checked, and all the network drivers must be updated to the latest. See also Q1243.

If this happens to many, or all of the network stations, the cable connections and/or the network utilisation will have to be checked. As a quick check, start the Monitor (LOAD MONITOR) on the network server console and observe the statistics of the network. A overloaded network or faulty network will result in lots of Sent, Receive, and Check Sum errors. For detailed analysis, a LAN analyser should be deployed. If utilisation is the cause of the problems, a strategically located bridge or router should be used to isolate the traffic.

If you need a high reliability connection to a Novell file server you should use Novell Netware SFT III. This allows you to have a mirrored file server so that if one server fails all clients will switch across to the Standby file server. This works in the same way as Citect redundant servers.