Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 1.00 1.01 1.10 1.11 1.20 2.00 2.01

Question: How does Citect count the points for the licence ?

Citect only counts physical points. Memory variables, Disk variables, local and global cicode variables are not counted. You get these variables free of charge (some other suppliers count these as points, so Citect gives you around a 40% bonus). Citect counts each point once no matter how many times you use it. For example you may define the same physical point with 2 or more variable records and Citect will still only count this as one physical point. You may do this when you want two different scales on the same variable.

A point is an individual digital or analog point. These points will be associated with digital or analog records you add to the VARIABLE database (unless Memory, Disk or already counted). The simple case is each record of the VARIABLE database counts as a single point. The exceptions are. If you add a record to the VARIABLE database but you never use that variable in your system, it will not be counted. Citect will count strings as the length of the string. For example if you define a 10 character string, which is being read from 16 bit register memory (eg 2 characters per register) it will count as 5 points.

Citects advanced communication can cause extra physical points to be read from PLCs when it is quicker to do so. These points are not counted as points as you do not access them.

You can check to see how many points you have used by looking in the WINDOWS\SYSLOG.DAT file. It should say "compiler found x of y points" where x = the number of points used and y = [General]PointCount= setting in the Citect.INI file as determined by the protection key. If you have an unlimited key i.e. [General]PointCount=0 in the Citect.INI then the number of used points does not get logged to the SYSLOG.DAT file.