Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 1.20 2.00 2.01

Question: I want to view the contents of the SYSLOG.DAT file while Citect is running but, Citect has this file open. How can I see what is in this file without shutting my system down?

If you try to open the SYSLOG.DAT file with Notepad you will get the error 'Sharing violation on drive C.'. This is as Citect holds this file open while it is running and Notepad is trying to open the file in exclusive mode. This will also occur for most other editors.

To solve this problem in version 1.2 and later Citect will open the SYSLOG.DAT file in shared mode. As the file is opened in shared mode any other application may also open the file at the same time so long as it also opens it in shared mode. Most editors don't support opening a file in shared mode so you will still not be able to view the SYSLOG.DAT file.

You may however copy the SYSLOG.DAT file and then open the copied file. To copy the file you may use the DOS COPY command in a DOS box or the cicode function FileCopy() as both these methods open the file in shared mode. You cannot use the File Manager as it seems to open the file in exclusive mode.