Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 2.00 2.01

When I open a page in draw the template associated to it is no longer displayed. If I compile and run my project the page does appear with its template at runtime so why doesn't draw display it properly? 

Chances are you may have deleted a record from the page which has an association to the template.

Add the record(s) that has been deleted. If you are uncertain of which one it is then you can check the c:\windows\apilog.dat file. Search for a message "FileCheck Failed". Following this will be the type of animation which is missing and also the animation handle, hAn. The animation number equals hAn + 1. Add the animation record with the An field filled out (other fields will be redundant at this stage)

Once you have added the record in CtEdit, open the page in draw. If the template appears then save the page. This will insert the rest of the record information into the record. If the template does not appear, you may still have deleted records. Check the apilog.dat file to detect which An is missing and repeat the process.