Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.00

The following Page driver statistics have been added for the CiNet LLC driver in version 3.0

Time Outs Number of times an expected response was not received within 6000 ([LLC]TimeOut) milliseconds.
Out of Buffers Number of received I-frames rejected because there is no buffer to store it. This will cause a session to close.
Retrys Number of I-frames re-transmitted.

Special Statistics (Verbose Mode)

Frames Transmitted Number of frames transmitted.
Frames Received Number of valid frames received.
Transmit Interrupts Number of times a transmission is completed.
Received Interrupts Number of times a hardware receive interrupt is received.
Multiple Tx Number of I frames that manage to piggy-back to another frame being transmitted. This higher this value is the better. Enabled when [LLC]Compress(=0) is greater than 2 and [LLC]MaxPending(=2) is greater than 2.
I Frame Tx Number of Information frames transmitted, excludes 'Multiple Tx'.
Char Tx Number of Information characters transmitted before compression.
Write,Tx'ed,Pending www,xxx,ppp
ppp Number of frames waiting to be transmitted.
xxx Number of frames transmitted and waiting for acknowledgement.
www Number of frames waiting for transmission or acknowledgement.
Uncompress Number of characters received or transmitted, before compression.
Compress Number of characters received or transmitted, after compression.
Link State State of the LLC link. 0-Disconnected, 1-Connecting, 2-Connected, 3-Error, 4-Disconnecting.
Tx State Transmit State. 0-Idle, 1-About to transmit, 2-Transmitting.
Rx State Varies from 0 to 5.
RR,Local State rrr,rrl
l 0-OK, 1-Local station is busy, have no buffer to receive I frame.
rrrrr Number of 'Receive Ready' messages received.
RNR,Remote State nnn,nnl
l 0-OK,1-Remote station is busy, have no buffer to receive I frame.
nnnnn Number of 'Receive Not Ready' messages received.
Reset(REJ,Tx,Unit) rrr,jjj,uuu
uuu Number of attempts to connect to the remote station.
jjj Number of times the transmit was stuck in transmit state.
rrr Number of REJ (Reject) messages received.
Errors Total number of errors.
Last Error The last error code in decimal.
OutUIDCB,Sequence uuu,sss
sss Number of times the received sequence number does not match any frames transmitted.
uuu Number of times a received broadcast message was rejected because there is no buffer to store it.
Bad Rx Characters Total number of characters received that is not part of any valid frame or which have errors.

CiNet is sometimes also called LLC driver.