Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 1.00 1.01 1.10 1.11 1.20 2.00 2.01 3.00

Question: I would like to use the same hardware as Citect is developed on to reduce any chance of incompatibles. What hardware is Citect developed on? 

Citect is compatible with IBM-PC standards and very few users have run into problems with incompatible hardware. The most common problem areas are:
BIOS This is very rare, I know only of two instances this has occurred. In these cases Citect runtime would not boot up, the computer would hang. This occurred on very cheap computers, home brand type, the type which is put together form lowest cost components. I don't recommend you use this type of hardware.
Graphics Display. This can be caused by bad Graphic Display drivers. See Q1119 for a list of know graphic display driver problems. We have had quite a few problems with bugs in graphic display drivers. You should always make sure you have the latest driver from your supplier.
Network Cards Problems with network cards can be caused by bad Network drivers. We have had quite a few problems with cheap network cards or buggy drivers. Bad network cards can cause system crashes or Windows to hang. These problems may take many days to show up and are very difficult to fault find. I don't recommend you try and save money on your network cards. Today network cards are very inexpensive and they are a vital part of you Citect system.

Generally we have had very few problems with the computer hardware and any reasonable quality computer should do the job. You should be careful with network and graphic cards as this is where we have found some problems.

Citect is developed on Compaq Computers, using QVision Graphic Displays and Novel NE2000 network cards. Using this hardware should reduce you chance of having any compatible problems. Note that even some of the Compaq Graphic Display drivers have given problems.