Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.00

Question: What is the effect of the improved cicode scheduler on my cicode? 

The Cicode thread schedular has been enhanced to be more responsive to real time events. The effect of this enhancement is that your Cicode will tend to get preempted more frequently, while it will also get scheduled more frequently. Your background Cicode will tend to run in more frequent, but smaller time slices. This should not effect your Cicode unless you have incorrectly designed your Cicode to rely on a precise execution sequence.

You cicode should tend to run faster on Citect systems which had a lower CPU load when using version 2.xx or 1.xx as the cicode schedular will allocate more CPU to your cicode tasks. If the CPU load was high when running on version 2.xx or 1.xx because of more critical Citect tasks, your cicode will tend to run slower as Citect will give more priority to the critical Citect tasks.

You may force your cicode not to be preempted by more critical Citect tasks by setting the parameter [code]FullTimeSlice=1. This will cause each cicode task to run to its full time slice before giving up the CPU. I don't recommend you use this parameter unless absolutely necessary as it will effect the performance of Citect critical tasks.

See also Q1457.