Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.00

Question: What is the performance impact of super genies? 

Super genies do give a performance impact on the update speed of the super genie page. As super genies are associated with the physical IO Devices tags at runtime, the Citect compiler cannot optimise the reading of the tags completely. This optimisation will be done by the I/O Server, after the I/O Server has optimized the requests the same physical reads should be done to the I/O Device. So there should be the same communication performance to your I/O Devices. However there must be more communication between the Citect Client displaying the super genie and the I/O Server. This communication can have a slight performance impact.

If the Citect client and I/O Server are running in the same computer or the network between the two computers is lightly loaded or the number of variables is less than 20 you will not notice this impact. The amount of impact on the performance will depend on the design of your project and the network environment. The best way it to test your system and see how fast it runs.

Because of this slight performance impact, if you don't need to use a super genie you should use a genie or normal graphic page. Normal genies don't have any performance impact at runtime becase they are resolved by the Graphic Builder and the Citect compiler.