Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.00

In Version 3.00 only ANs 1 and 2 are reserved. If you configure a new page in Version 3.00 you can use ANs starting at 3. Existing Version 2.xx pages with reserved ANs 1 to 20 still work correctly in Version 3.00. ANs 1 to 20 on those pages are still reserved. 

In Citect for Windows versions 1.xx and 2.xx the ANs 1 to 20 where reserved to display various pieces of standard information. This included the time, date, alarms banners, prompt, keyboard echo, page name, page title and some default buttons. This gave you a basic set of features for all of your pages. These ANs where animated by the function _PageDefDisplay() in the file PAGE.CI in the INCLUDE project. This function would get the required information and display it on all pages.

With the new features in version 3.00 this way of providing you with a basic set of features for all you pages has been moved in to the templates. Putting these features into the templates makes it easer for you to customise this information. For example if you don't want the time and date on just a few pages you may create a new template without the time and date. Then the time and data will still be displayed on all your other pages. ANs 1 and 2 are still reserved as this information is displayed direct from Citect and not via animation.

To make Citect version 3.0 backward compatible with versions 1.xx and 2.xx pages, Citect must still update the reserved ANs on pages created in these versions. If however you create a new page in version 3.0, Citect must not display this information. To implement this Citect needs some way to know if it must display the information. To support this requirement a Page Environment variable is added to all version 1.xx and 2.xx pages when they are converted to version 3.0. This page environment variable is called "PageCicodeOn" and is set to 1. When Citect sees this page environment variable attached to a page then it will display the information on the reserved ANs 1 to 20. If this page environment variable does not exist or is set to 0 then the information is not displayed.