Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.00

Question: Some of my alarms on the alarm page have their fields overlapping with the next field. What is the cause of this problem? 

When Citect displays fields using the tab format the distance between each tab column is calculated depending on the average width of the characters. This is done to get the best looking tab format for most alarms. If Citect calculated the tab column width on the maximum width then most of the time the columns would be unnecessarily wide. So Citect calculated the average character width and then multiplies that number by a tab factor of 70/100. This gives a tab width of 70% of the maximum character width which is correct for normal alarms. If your alarms contain all capital letters or lots of wide characters this may not be wide enough. You may increase the tab factor by adjusting the parameter [Animator]TabFactor, where the default is 70, and range 10 to 100.