Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 2.10 3.00

Question: Siemens have a Sinec H1 Nim (505-CP1432TF) for use with the Simatic TI505 PLCs. Can Citect communicate to these devices using Sinec H1? 

Citect supports communication by Sinec H1 with the TINEC and SINEC drivers. For Simatic TI505 PLCs you should use the TINEC driver.

The TINEC driver takes advantage of the predefined TI types in the TI Sinec H1 NIM so that the user can use normal TI style addressing for their tags. We support the same TI types for this driver as we do for the TIWAY driver.

The SINEC driver supports H1 and L2 to Siemens Simatic S5 PLCs. This driver can also be communicate to the Simatic TI PLCs but with a limited functionality (the TI Sinec H1 NIM does not support writing to elements of arrays). The configuration for of the SINEC driver is far more difficult. Using the SINEC Driver to communicate with Simatic TI PLCs is not recommended.

NOTE: The SINEC and TINEC drivers can not coexist on the same Citect I/O Server. If you need to communicate to both S5 and TI PLCs then you must use separate IO Server's.