Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 2.00 2.01 3.00

When starting up Citect I get a message box with the message "Can not find Sinec Server" and a number of other errors. My Citect uses the Sinec driver. 

The message refers to the Siemens program SIN_SERV.EXE used by the Citects SINEC driver. Make sure that SIN_SERV.EXE is run before starting Citect. If you have run the SIN_SERV.EXE before running Citect then the error is probably caused by a change between versions of the SIN_SERV.EXE program.

Before starting communications the SINEC driver will test to see if SIN_SERV.EXE has been run. Recent versions of the SIN_SERV.EXE program use a different name (this is not the file name) to identify themselves. This name is not recognised by the SINEC driver. In Citect v3.00 this problem has been fixed and the driver looks for both names.

The old SIN_SERV.EXE had a file size of 18,944 bytes and its module name was "sci_test". More recent versions have the module name "sin_serv".

To over come this problem use a updated SINEC.DLL or an old Siemens SIN_SERV.EXE.