Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 2.10 3.00

Question: When I startup Citect I get the error "Cannot Open Server <name> In Use on other Computer" and then Citect aborts. I have only one Citect server running on the network and I am using the redundant LAN feature. What is causing this error? 

This error is displayed when Citect tries to add the name of the Server to the network and the name already exists. This will occur when you have started two Citect servers with the same name. You must make each Citect server have a unique name.

If you are using the redundant LAN feature it may mean that the LANs are joined together. When using a Citect server with the redundant LAN feature each LAN must be totally separated. When a Citect servers starts up with the redundant LAN, the server will add its name to both networks. If the networks are joined then the server will see itself and cause this error message.

See also Q1410.