Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.00

When an "Array Size Exceeded" error is flagged by the Citect compiler using the goto error feature may not indicate the location of the error.  

When using array tags with specific PLC protocols the maximum request length of the protocol dictates the maximum size of the array. For example, the MELSECF protocol has a maximum request length of 512 bits limits arrays of integers to 512 / 16 = 32 elements. However, even though this restriction exists Citect will allow you to compile the project with a tag declared which violates this restriction provided that the tag is not used. If it is used in say an animation, then on compiling the project Citect will flag an "Array Size Exceeded Error" pointing to the place where the array tag was used; in this case the animation. To fix the problem check the tag definition in the variable tags database and ensure that the array size does not exceed the maximum limit for the protocol. If the tag definition is correct then the index used to access the array is too large.