Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.00

Question: I have a bitmap, CYCLONE.BMP, in the directory C:\BITMAPS and I want to display it at AN 25 so I called DspBmp like so: DspBmp(25, "C:\BITMAPS\CYCLONE.BMP", 0). No errors occurred and no bitmap was displayed. Why? 

The cicode function DspBmp assumes that the bitmap you specify is in the current project directory. When this function is called it prefixes the filename supplied with the current project directory and attempts to open and display the bitmap. If the bitmap is not in the current project directory or if the filename supplied in the function specifies a file path then DspBmp will be unable to display the bitmap. So for the time being if you wish to use this function you will need to ensure that any bitmaps you wish to display are in your project directory.