Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.00

I have two printer devices configure on windows: one on LPT1 and the other on LPT2. When I used the print feature to print a trend for the first time Citect asked me to select a printer. I selected LPT1. Now whenever I use the print feature the output always goes to LPT1 and Citect doesn't prompt me to select a printer. How can I change it?  

Citect determines which printer to print to by the setting of the TrnPrinter INI parameter in the [General] section of Citect.INI. If this parameter is not set or does not appear in the INI file then on the first time that you attempt to print a trend Citect will ask you to specify the printer. If you select a printer and press OK then TrnPrinter will be set to the printer you selected and Citect will no longer ask for a printer. To force Citect to ask for a printer delete the TrnPrinter INI parameter. This may be done via another windows application such as notepad or via the following cicode: ParameterPut("General", "TrnPrinter", "");.