Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.00

Question: I Created Super Genies with combinations of INT and REAL but when trying to display the genie the numbers will show #ASS. What is causing this problem? 

The #ASS error is being displayed because physical tags have not be associated correctly with the super genie. There are several reasons where you can run into problems with creating associations for super genies.

1). You have not called the Ass function correctly or not at all before displaying the super genie page. You must display the super genie by calling one of the Ass functions. The AssPopUp() and the AssWin() are the most commonly used functions. See the online help for full details of these and other association functions.

2). The tag name you have passed to the Ass function does not exits. For example you have called AssPopUp("PageName", "PV123"); when the tag PV123 does not exist in the variables database. If the tag does exist in the variables database check that you have [GENERAL]TagDB=1 enabled. This option defaults to 1 and must be set in the CITECT.INI file. You will have to recomple your database if you change this option.

3). The data type of the tag you have passed to the Ass function is not the same as the type defined in the super genie. When you create a super genie the type of each association is defined in the super genie as ?INT 1?. If you pass a tag off a different data type to the super genie the association will fail. For example if you pass a tag of type REAL to a super genie number of INT the association will fail.