Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 2.10 3.00

Question: My project has many hardware alarms that it did not have in Version 2. They are mainly Cicode foreground run too long in function DspGetEnv() 

The error message cicode foreground run too long will be generated when a foreground cicode task has consumed all of its time slice. Citect will halt this cicode and generate this hardware error. In versions 1.00 to 2.01 under some conditions Citect would not halt foreground cicode tasks which consumed all of their time slices. So you may have had cicode tasks which ran too long with previous version but they went unnoticed. This problem was fixed in version 2.10 and later.

You must change you cicode so it does not take so long to execute, or create a background cicode task with the TasKNew() function. You may also increase the time slice given to the foreground cicode task via the parameter [code]TimeSlicePage. Be careful when increasing this parameter as setting the time slice to a large value can cause sluggish performance.