Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.00

Question: If I press the clipboard icon on the trend templates without selecting a rubber band then nothing is copied to the clipboard. If select a rubber band then it is copied OK. What is going wrong with this function. 

The trend data is most likely being copied to the clipboard correctly. As you stated when you select a rubber band area the data does get copied to the clipboard. What is happening is that when you copy the entire trend data to the clipboard it is taking a longer period to complete the copy. To completely copy the data to the clipboard it can take several seconds, so if you goto the clipboard immediately you will see no data in it. It takes several seconds to complete because Citect is a fully preemptive system, and Citect is allowing you to continue without waiting for the data to be copied to the clipboard. Other single threaded applications would display the hour glass until a clipboard copy was complete, but as Citect is multi threaded you can continue to do other operations while the copy is in progress.

If you a manually copying data to other applications then just wait a few seconds longer for the data to appear in the clipboard.