Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.00

Question: I am using the cicode function WndViewer to display Multimedia Help. I think I have passed correct arguments as the return value from the function was 0. However when the multimedia viewer starts I get the error "Viewer Topic does not exist". What am I doing wrong? 

In the cicode function WndViewer() Citect cannot check for a valid topic name as it no access to the topics in the selected multimedia help file. Citect only checks for a valid multimedia file name and the valid modes for the function. If these are correct it then passes control to the multimedia viewer and returns a return value of 0 to signify correct completion. The checking for a valid viewer topic is done by the multimedia help program. If the topic does not exist you will get the multimedia viewer will give you the error "Viewer Topic does not exist"

If when running multimedia help through the cicode function WndViewer() you get the error "Viewer Topic does not exist" check that the viewer topic that you passed to the function actually does exist in the multimedia help file.