Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.00

Question: In CtEdit the Quick Edit forms (Edit Library, Edit Pages, and Edit Reports) all have a new button which brings up a form in which you can only add records and edit their associated files. If I add a new record in one of these forms the data I just added disappears and I can't edit the file associated with this record. Why does this happen and is their a workaround to the problem I'm having?  

The way the forms system works in the project editor any New Record Forms added will once you add a record you can no longer access the record data from within that form. Allowing users to scroll through records and leaving the data on the form after pressing add would make it possible for users to inadvertently overwrite existing records or add blank records. In any case the problem of not being able to edit a file in a new record after it has been added can be circumvented by first filling in all the form details and then pressing the edit button rather than the add button. The record is then added and the appropriate file is opened and can now be edited.