Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.00

When running the example project rubbish is sometimes drawn behind the stockpile. Why does this happen and can I stop it from happening it?  

Due to a problem in Citect under certain circumstances the bitmap of the restore region for a size move animation (that is the screen image before the sizemove was drawn) becomes corrupted. The net result is that rubbish is drawn below the size move animation. This will only occur for animation modes which cause the background image to restore the background. If you need the background to be restored for your size move animation then the only way of avoiding this problem (until a maintenance release is forthcoming) is to avoid the circumstances which lead to it occurring. As far as I aware the problem will occur if you do the following. Move the cursor over a button with tip help; wait for the tip help to appear and then press the button to bring up a popup (genie); the next time the size move is updated (ie. stockpile) garbage is drawn onto the screen behind the size move. It should be possible to avoid this problem by switching of tip help or if that is not a satisfactory option only bring up a popup (genie) when the tip help is not showing. You can hide the tip help by moving the mouse off the button to a region which has no tip help. If tip help is hidden for a period greater than one second it will take a further second to show when moving to a region with tip help. This should leave enough time to press the button before help appears. Alternatively the keyboard may be used to control the focus. Since tip help is tied to the mouse it won't follow the focus if changed via the keyboard.