Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 1.00 1.01 1.10 1.11 1.20 2.00 2.01 3.00

How do I use the RELIANCE R-NET PC Link Interface Module? 

Follow the instructions in the Manual J2-3025-1 provided by the Manufacturer.
Boards form
Board name: User supplied unique name
Board type: RNET
Address: 0-253 - Board Node Address on the network
I/O Port: 0x200-0x2f8 or 0x600-0x6f8 - Board I/O Port Address as set on the board dip switches
Interrupt: 1-255 Highest node number plus 1 on the network
Special Opt: not used
Ports form
Port name: User supplied unique name
Port number: not used
Board name: Use the "Board name" from the Boards form
Baud rate: not used
Data bits: not used
Stop bits: not used
Parity: not used
Special Opt: not used
I/O Devices form
Name: User supplied unique name
Number: Network wide I/O device number
Address: NODE.SLOT

NODE - Destination address in decimal
SLOT - Slot number in decimal
e.g. 0.0 for direct connection to processor or 2.1 for Port 0 in slot 2

If Address is the same as the Address on the boards data base then the internal 8192 words register are used. These registers will accept GETRNT and SNDRNT instructions from the network.

Protocol: RNET
Port name: Use the "Port name" from the Ports form

Standard citect.ini options

MaxPending = 6
Block = 64 bytes
Retry = 0
Delay = 0
TimeOut = 2000 milliseconds
PollTime = 0
WatchTime = 30 seconds


  • RNET.DLL RELIANCE R-Net Driver for windows
  • RELIANCE.DBF RELIANCE variable template

PLC Error (in hexadecimal)

101   R-Net Module Failure
102   PC Link Module Failure
104   Bad node address
108   Bad max node
110   Duplicate node number
180   Bad command
281   Check Sum Error
282   Buffer Full
283   Illegal Format
285   Processor not found in slot
2c0   No response from destination

RNET Variables

OOOOO   Integer
OOOOO.oo   Bits

OOOOO is the word number in octal
oo is bit number from 00 to 17 in octal