Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 1.00 1.01 1.10 1.11 1.20 2.00 2.01 3.00

How do I use the Izumi FA series serial protocol?

The serial drivers PCxI, MCxI, COMxI or COMx may be used. Setup the PLCs with the station number and the default communication parameters 9600 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit and even parity. Both 1:N and 1:1 mode are supported, 1:N is the default. This protcol can only read eight digital bits or one sixteen bit word per request.
Ports form
Special Opt: -s Use single link mode (1:1 mode).
I/O Devices form
Name: User supplied unique name
Number: Network wide I/O device number
Address: 0 to 255
Protocol: IZUMI
Port name: Use the "Port name" from the Ports form

Citect.ini option

Select = 0
To improve performance in multi link mode (unless -s is specified) send the select message to select the device only if the device address is different from the last one. If select is set to 1, send the select message to select the device at the beginning of every request.

Standard citect.ini options

MaxPending = 2
Block = 2 bytes
Retry = 1
Delay = 0
TimeOut = 1000 milliseconds
PollTime = 0
WatchTime = 30 seconds


  • IZUMU.DLL - The IZUMI driver for windows
  • IZUMI.DBF - The IZUMI variable definition

IZUMI Variables

Digital 0000 to 0157 Input
0200 to 0357 Output
0400 to 0717 Internal Relay
2000 to 2157 Expansion Input
2200 to 2357 Expansion Output
2400 to 2717 Expansion Internal Relay
SFR000 to127 Shift Register
Int TIM00 to 79 Timer (Read Only)
CNT00 to 47 Counter (Read Only)
PTIM00 to 79 Timer Preset
PCNT00to 47 Counter Preset
T1100 to 1179 10msec Counter
DR800 to 899 Data Register
DR1500 to 1799 Data Register
Byte W0 to 65535 System work area (Read Only)