Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.00

I have selected the report button on the menu page in the Version 3.00 example project. On the first press I get a prompt saying 'Report Complete' but all I get is a file page with a blank screen. The next time I select it I get an old report. What is happening here? 

There is minor problem with the design of the Version 3.00 Example project when it comes to generating reports. The 'Report' button on the menu page executes the following cicode.

Report("Example");sleep(0);PageDisplay("File2");DspFileSetName(21, "[data]:replog.001");WinTitle("Report")

This code first generates the example report. Since the generation of the report takes a bit of time the sleep command is given so that further tasks are pre-empted by a time slice. The file page is then displayed and the file name set to the latest report. However the time given by Sleep(0) is not enough time for the report to be generated. This means that the the file read when the report file is displayed was the last generated report or none if one has not been previously generated.

The simple solution to have the 'Report' button display the current report is to make the sleep time longer (one second is enough). This can be done by changing Sleep(0) to Sleep(1).