Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.00

Included in version 3 is the Fast Runtime Display feature. This feature converts the graphic pages into bitmaps for display purposes while retaining the Graphics Editor page as a collection of objects and bitmaps. So in version 3.0 Citect now uses two files for each graphics page; one is the object version and the other is the bitmap version. Bitmaps display quicker than object files, however the tend to use more memory. As a result Citect version 3 pushes the graphics drivers more than in previous versions.

Some display drivers move bitmaps into video memory for faster display. If these drivers are faulty then the bitmap may be too large to fit into the video memory causing Citect to crash or causing bad graphics to be displayed.


The problem is caused by the faulty display driver, you should contact the supplier of your graphics card for the latest driver.

Alternatively if you cannot get an updated driver you may disable the fast display (ie the bitmap page creation) by setting the parameter


in the CITECT.INI file.

You must also delete the bitmapped page files already created. These files have the .CTF extension. Citect will now use the object file for displaying the page at runtime, as per version 2. Note that version 3 with FastDisplay disabled will run at the same speed as version 2.