Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 1.00 1.01 1.10 1.11 1.20 2.00 2.01 3.00

Izumi FA series and Squared Model 50 use the same protocol however there are different connection details and serial communication parameters depending on the PLC you use. If using the Model 50 you may get parity errors ie. Driver error 2. 

There are two modes for the Izumi driver, 1:1 and 1:N, single link and multidrop.

1:1 is used by the FA-1, FA-1J, FA-2, FA-2J and the Model 50. This typically will use RS232 to a PF2-CLAU and then connects to the PLC via a PFA-1A51 link cable. This configuration has been tested for this article using an FA-1 PLC. Citect communicated through COMX and the serial parameters were, Baud=9600, Data=8, Stop=1, Parity=Even_P. Special Option ports has a setting of "-s" to put the protocol in single link mode. This mode is slow because Citect must wait for the PLC to echo the message before sending the next message. To speed it up you can set [comx]TimerResolution=1 in the Citect.INI. This driver used for this test was, V3 driver IZUMI.DLL 17801 21/06/95. For the 1:1 mode you need this driver or newer. The cable and all other settings also worked with the IZUMI programming software.

There is also a module available from SquareD, this module is a combined RS232/422 converter and RIU10. This module plugs directly into the com port in the Citect computer and has a cable that goes to the PLC programming port.

1:N is used by the FA-1J, FA-2, FA-2J and the Model 50. This typically will use RS232 to a PFJ-U22, this then multidrops to PFJ-U21 units that connect to the PLC's via PFA-1A51 link cables. However if connecting to an FA-2 PLC then you would use a PF2-KLM instead of the PFJ-U21. There are also other modules available some that use Optical Fibre Cable, see the Idec Izumi documentation for more details. The normal serial parameters for this are, Baud=9600, Data=8, Stop=1, Parity=Even_P. However if using the Model 50 you should have Baud=9600, Data=8, Stop=2, Parity=NONE. For this mode you do not set the special option "-s" in ports and you do not need the [comx]TimerResolution=1 parameter. This mode will operate with any IZUMI.DLL file.