Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 2.00 2.01 3.00

You may get an error in CtDraw "Too Much Object Data". This error may happen when opening a particular template, page or genie.

This error can be caused intermittently by having greater than three nested levels in linked library objects. Templates and Genies are also library objects. eg. if you have some linked library objects on a template then the resulting nestling would be Library object - Template - Page = three levels. Now if the Library object contained another linked library object then the level would be four and would be likely to cause a problem. The solution would be to cut the link, in this case it would be best to cut the link between the library abject and the Template as you would not normally want to cut between the Template and the Page! This problem has been fixed for the future version 4.00 release.