Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.00

What are all these '.CTF' files doing in my project? Where did they come from? What are they for? 

When you save a graphics page a file with the extension 'CTG' is created. From version 3.00 onwards a 'CTF' file is also created when you save the page. The 'CTF' file contains a single bitmap that has all background objects rendered onto it and all the animated objects. In other words all the background objects have been converted into a single bitmap automatically for you and saved into a separate file.

At runtime the 'CTF' file is used instead of the 'CTG' so that rendering of the background is faster.

The Fast Runtime Display can be disabled by selecting View|'Display Options' in the Graphics Builder and unchecking the 'Fast Runtime Display Option' option. If Fast Runtime Display is disabled then a CTF will not be produced each time a page is saved, nor will CTF file will be used at runtime if it exists.

When Fast Runtime Display is re-enabled, your are asked if you wish to update all the CTF files. This will refresh the CTF file for all the pages in the current project. Refreshing involves checking the CTG file against the CTF file. If the CTF file does not exist or is older than the CTG file then the page is loaded and a CTF file is produced.

If Fast Runtime Display is enabled, but the CTF file has been deleted, then runtime will just use the CTG file instead. The Graphics Builder never reads information from a CTF file. The CTG file always contains the 'master' copy of the page.