Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.00

Question: I am displaying a super genie from a page and when the tips help is displayed for the buttons on the super genie, the super genie will disappear. If I click on the background page the super genie will be displayed again. When the super genie is hidden and I move the mouse around the tips help is shown for the other buttons on the super genie, so it's still there but hidden.

Toshiba 610 CT Pentum 90, Graphics Chips 655DGX-VL/ISA


This problem has been reported to occur on Toshiba 610 CT Pentum 90 PC with Graphics Chips 655DGX-VL/ISA display controller. It seems to be a problem with the graphics driver. You can either reduce the resolution of the driver to work around the problem or contact Toshiba for an upgrade to the driver.