Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.00

Question: I have a Siemens CP5412 interface card. What PLCs and Citect drivers can I use this hardware card with? 

The Siemens CP5412 card provides a low level interface using the proprietary Siemens L2 protocol. The following Citect drivers need the CP5412 card: PROFI, SINECFDL, SINEC.

To use this protocol an L2 interface module must be used in the PLC. The Simatic S5-95u has an inbuilt L2 inteface which works with the SINECFDL driver. The Simatic S5-115u and S5-135u can have a CP5430TF or CP5431FMS interface module. The TF interface module is used with the SINEC or SINECFDL drivers, although SINECFDL requires specialized Comms Function Blocks which are not yet available. (Function Blocks at present are only provided for the 95u). The FMS interface module works with the PROFI driver. The FMS interface could also communicate with the SINECFDL driver if the Comms Function Blocks were available.

There is also a variation on the CP5412 card, the CP5412A2 . Currently Citect does not have support for this card. CIT shall be investigating the use of our existing protocol drivers with this card when the required low level drivers become available.