Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.00

Question: My documentation refers to some software called a Comms Function Block. What is this and where can I find it? 

Most PLCs typically run their own software for data acquisition and monitoring tasks. A few PLCs typically require extra software to manage communications between the PLC and the Citect network. This software must be downloaded into the PLC using the PLC programming software before Citect can establish communications with the device. This communications software is called a Comms Function Block, and an example of its use is with the Siemens SINECFDL driver.

In cases where a Comms Function Block is required, the function block will be distributed with Citect in situations where CiT have negotiated permission for this with the PLC manufacturer. The Comms Function Blocks are normally kept in the citect\bin subdirectory. For further information on downloading the function block, refer to the programming software provided with the PLC.