Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 1.00 1.01 1.10 1.11 1.20 2.00 2.01 3.00

This article covers the Toshiba EX100, EX250, EX500, and T2/T3 Prosec range of PLCs, and discusses the Citect drivers that may be used for communications.

PLC Port Protocol used Driver name
EX100 Programming port Binary -
Inbuilt computer link (RS485) ASCII TOSHIBA
Inbuilt computer link (RS485) Binary -
EX250/500 Programming port (current loop) Binary -
Add-on computer link module (RS485) ASCII TOSHIBA
Add-on computer link module (RS485) Binary -
T2 Prosec Programming port (RS232) Binary1 -
Inbuilt computer link (RS485) ASCII2 TOSHIBA2
Inbuilt computer link (RS485) Binary3 see 5-
Add-on computer link module CL11 (RS485) ASCII TOSHIBA4
Add-on computer link module CL11 (RS485) Binary -
  1. T2 Programming port binary protocol differs from EX100/250/500 binary protocols.
  2. T2 computer link ASCII protocol is similar to EX100/250/500 ASCII protocol. However there are differences and some of the EX commands won't work. Usage of the TOSHIBA protocol with the T2 computer link is ill advised.
  3. T2 computer link binary protocol differs from EX100/250/500 series.
  4. The CL11 computer link module (which is an add-on module) may be used with the TOSHIBA driver, however the driver can only scan the T2 registers that are compatible with the EX100 PLC.
  5. A driver is being considered for the Computer link port on the T2, but is not currently supported. This would allow multipdropping of T2 PLCs.