Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 2.00 2.01 3.20

Question: I get the error message is 'Cannot load comxi.fcm into board. Make sure comxi.fcm is present'. when I startup the I/O Server. What is causing this problem? 

In all version of Citect, the comxi.dll find which comxi.fcm to use by using the [ctedit]bin path in the "citect.ini" file. It will use "citect.ini" even if you supply an alternate file via the -i command line option when starting up Citect.

The comxi.dll and comxi.fcm must match for each version of Citect.

If an user upgrade Citect to another directory and use an alternate citect.ini file he will find that the new comxi.dll does not work any more because it is still loading the old comxi.fcm.

The same applies to pcx.fcm/pcxi.dll and mcxi.fcm./mcxi.dll

Another possible cause of the problem is that some BIOS does not work properly when copying data direct from disk to dual port memory. You can bypass the BIOS by enabling 32 bit disk access. We have also modified the comxi.dll to buffer the data from disk, this version will be available in later versions of CITECT. You can also get the new comxi.dll from Citect support.