Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.21 4.00

I have installed the generic CiT TCP/IP driver to communicate with some devices but it only connects to some devices, not all of them. What's wrong? 

There are a number of possibilities to consider here. You should check your network setup and ensure that you have a good path to the device(s) in question. If your I/O server is on the wrong subnet, has an incorrect subnet mask or the gateway is not configured properly your TCP/IP packets may be getting lost. You can check this low level of communication by pinging the devices by IP address. Some devices are not supported by the driver yet and may never be. This includes boxes which ordinarily emulate a device which should be accessible via TCP/IP. An example of such a device is the X-Link by SS Technologies. This device will yield a general error when an attempt is made to establish comms. Also, you should check the TCP/IP software used on your machine - Citect's driver has only been tested with Microsoft's own TCP/IP software.