Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.21 4.00

The #RANGE Error not always displayed. I defined 2 vairable tags both with the same address on the same IO device. The 1st tag had an Eng. range of 0 to 100 while the 2nd has an Eng. range of 0 to 200. The IO device is a Generic disk PLC but I don't know if this makes any difference. If you write a value of 200 to the 2nd tag you do not get a #RANGE for the 1st tag error on the display page. Bu if you run a report with these two tags you do get a #RANGE error for the 1st tag.

This is the correct operation. Range errors have been disabled on the graphic display (from version 3.21 and 4.00) as they were causing problems for users when a number would be just out of range. For example if the value was 101 for range of 0 to 100. The users would rather see the value than #RANGE. So we added a new parameter:


This parameter will default to 0, ie disable range checking on pages. If you set this parameter to 1 you will get the range errors again.