Applies To:
  • CitectSCADA 3.00 4.00 4.10

When displaying a Super Genie the update time is much slower than displaying a page with the same amount of data. What is causing this problem? 

When Citect displays a super genie it generates more network traffic than displaying a normal page. There are some network performance problems detailed in Q1874, Q1721 and Q1711 which can cause this problem. Also this problem is greatly compounded when using Windows 95 and the TCP/IP protocol. You should try using another protocol if possible, eg NetBEUI. See Q1874 for full details.

We are in the processing of creating a work around for this problem and it is expected this will be available in the next release of Citect (possibly version 3.40 and 4.20). If you require a solution to this problem before the release of these versions contact Citect Support.